We are a young collective working in different fields of art and design including photography, video, installation, set design, fashion design and styling hailing from Germany, Israel, Poland, Lebanon and Switzerland. We met in 2013 when we all had recently moved to berlin, and soon afterwards started working together on various projects.Being from different background and having various artistic skills, we decided to create this collective.

Besides working on our own individual projects we made it possible for artists to rehearse and perform theatre plays and performances, organize exhibitions, created multidisciplinary events combining music, performance and visual arts and hosted talks and workshops. We have managed to do so without any funding. For further Information on past events visit our Facebook fanpage ( ) and homepage ()


In recent years, housing prices have skyrocketed, making it near impossible to find affordable spaces in Berlin. We were lucky to have found our beautiful warehouse in Berlin Reinickendorf two years ago. The space was completely empty when we arrived and had no running water, no isolation and no heating. We were fortunate that the electricity in the space was still working. Everything at the studio was built and created from scratch by our own efforts and the help of friends and family.


Michal Andrysiak



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